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What Are The Components Of Food | Protiens, Fats, Carbs | Wit Biology


          we know that food is made up of one or more ingredients and these ingredients contain nutrients roughage or Nitra fiber and water nutrients are further classified into carbohydrates, proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals and our body needs these different nutrients nitrified and water for its proper functioning single food item does not contain all these nutrients so we eat a variety of foods to get all the nutrients.

         we know that nutrients dietary fiber and water are different components of food we will now study about each of these components separately first we'll study about nutrients then we'll study about dietary fiber and then we'll study about water so let's first study about nutrients.


         Nutrients are substances in our food that are needed by our body for its growth maintenance repair and to function properly we already know that there are five main types of nutrients carbohydrates and fats gives us energy thus food containing carbohydrates and fat are called energy giving foods. Proteins are needed for growth and repair of the body thus food containing proteins are called bodybuilding foods.


         Foods containing vitamins and minerals are called protective foods as the terminal minerals protects us from diseases now let's study about each of the nutrients separately carbohydrates.

         Main function of carbohydrates is to provide energy with this energy we perform our daily activities such as walking, reading, playing, sleeping, breathing etc...some of the important sources of carbohydrates are wheat rice, Batra, maize, banana, mango, papaya, melon, potato, sweet potato, sugar in milk, cheese, ice cream and sugary sweets. Now we will do a very simple test to check whether these food items contain carbohydrates here we are taking bread and put it on. what we have to do is we have to take a small quantity of the food item to be tested then we have to put two or three drops of iodine solution on it and then observe the color of the food item. If the food item changes to blue-black color it indicates the presence of carbohydrates. you just have to remember this line food plus iodine solution if gives blue-black color carbohydrates present. 


          Now study about proteins.proteins are called bodybuilding foods and they are needed for growth and repair of our body pulses such as moon Malka chana beans. such as soybean and peas are plant sources of proteins whereas milk paneer, eggs, fish and meat are animal sources of proteins. The way we did test for carbohydrates let's now do a test to check the presence of proteins here you have to take small quantity of the food item grind this food item and put it into a test tube then add 10 drops of water to the test tube and shake the test tube well. After this add two drops of copper sulfate solution and 10 drops of caustic soda solution to the test tube and shake well observe the color of the mixture wine it color indicates the presence of proteins in the food item here you have to remember this equation food item plus water plus two drops of copper sulfate solution plus 10 drops of caustic soda solution if gives walnut color it indicates the presence of protein. 


         Let now study about fats. Fats also provides us energy in fact it gives us more energy as compared to carbohydrates some of the plant sources of fats are nuts such as almonds, cashew nut and ground nut and oils such as coconut oil, mustard oil, sunflower oil and soybean oil. Some of the animal sources are milk cream, Ghee, butter, eggs, fish, meat etc... Now let's study tests for fats take a small quantity of the food item to be tested and drug this food on a piece of paper then dry the paper by keeping it in sunlight for some time and observe the paper. If you observe a oil patch on the paper like this it indicates the presence of fat. No only patch means no fat. 


         We will now study about vitamins. Vitamins are needed by body in small quantities they protects us from diseases and helps to keep our eyes, bones, teeth and gums healthy there are two main types of vitamins water, Soluble vitamins such as vitamin B and C and fat soluble vitamins such as vitamin A, D and K. Now we will study about some of the important vitamins their functions and sources vitamin E keeps our eyes and skin healthy and some of the important sources are mango, pumpkin, carrot, milk and fish oil. vitamin B is essential for various functions of our body and some of the important sources are wheat rice, fruits, eggs, fish and not between sea fights against many diseases and some of the sources are Amla, guava, orange, lemon and tomato. vitamin D helps our body to use calcium for bones and teeth and some of the sources are eggs, milk, butter, fish,  Sunlight. Vitamin D in the presence of sunlight. 


           Let's now study about minerals. Minerals are also needed by our body in small amounts they are essential for proper growth and to maintain a good health for example we get calcium from eggs and milk. We get island from apple green leafy vegetables such as Pollock fish and raisins Jonnie quiche mesh. we get iodine from iodized salt fish pollock and ginger means agric. we get phosphorus from rice, milk, banana, chilies. 

Dietary fibers and water

          So do you remember that nutrients dietary fiber and water are different components of food till now we have studied about nutrients we will now study about dietary fiber and water. Dietary fibers helps us in digestion of fruits and whole grains and pulses vegetables such as potatoes spinach, radish, carrot, lady's finger and fresh fruits are some of the sources of dietary fibers. 

          Let's now study about water. Water helps our body to absorb nutrients from our food. It also helps in throwing out some waste is from the body as urine and sweat. we get water from liquids we drink such as water, milk and tea from cooked foods such as dal and fresh fruits and vegetables.

Balencing Diet

           Now we'll study about balance Diet. Balance diet is a diet that contains proper proportions of carbohydrates, fats, proteins, vitamins, minerals, roughage and water. Which is necessary to maintain a good health it includes cereals and pulses, fruits and vegetables, meat poultry and dairy products for having a balanced diet. You should eat more of grains and cereals and fruits and vegetables and less of fats, oil, sugar and salt. Now it's time to find out are you taking a balanced diet remember junk food or unhealthy diet will make you fat, lazy. You will suffer from diseases such as diabetes and heart problem and thus you become sad and unhappy whereas a balanced diet will make you feel healthy, full of energy. You will have a good memory happy mood always and thus you will become student of the year. some points you need to keep in mind while making food. 

           Food must be cooked properly because some nutrients get destroyed in the process of cooking and preparations for example vitamin C gets easily destroyed while cooking. so do not wash fruits or vegetables after cutting or peeling them do not wash rice and pulses many times before cooking do not throw excess water of our cook through for example a doll do not overcook and do not heat food again and again tria is now thinking what will happen. If I don't eat variety of foods the answer is deficiency diseases lack of one or more nutrient over a long period of time leads to deficiency diseases for example if your diet is deficient in protein. You may suffer from standard growth that is short height swelling of face discoloration of hair that is white hair skin diseases and diarrhea and if your diet is deficient in both protein and carbohydrates your growth may completely stop you will become very lean and thin and may not be able to walk properly.

Deficiency Disorders

         Now we will see some of the important deficiency disorders due to deficiency of different vitamins for example vitamin A deficiency leads to poor vision and night blindness whereas vitamin b1 deficiency leads to beriberi you suffer from these muscles and have very little energy to work. Vitamin C deficiency causes scurvy it leads to bleeding gums and wounds take longer to heal. Vitamin D deficiency causes rickets which leads to soft and bent bones like this calcium deficiency causes bone and tooth decay Iram deficiency causes goiter that is glands in the neck appear swollen it also leads to mental disability in the children iron deficiency leads to anemia. You always feel weak and tired so it's very important to take balanced diet to prevent deficiency diseases. 

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